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Aggravated Assault

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In certain circumstances, Arizona has deemed that someone who commits an assault must receive more punishment than what would be available under the ordinary assault statute.  See our Assault (hyperlink to our Assault page here) practice area for more information on a ordinary assault.  Under those circumstances, the State will charge the person with Aggravated Assault under A.R.S. 13-1204.  There are several elements that can cause an ordinary assault to be charged as an Aggravated Assault, including:

  • Causing serious physical injury or substantial disfigurement to another;
  • Use of a deadly weapon during the offense;
  • Restraining the victim;
  • Defendant is over the age of 18 who is alleged to have assaulted a victim who is 15 years or younger;
  • Victim is a police officer, firefighter, teacher, health care provider, prison guard, or prosecutor.


For a first offense Aggravated Assault you could be sentenced to serve 5-15 years in prison.   If you have any prior felony conviction, or other aggravating circumstances, your sentence could be substantially harsher.  It is absolutely vital that get an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side immediately to begin your representation.

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