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Precharge “Investigation Stage”

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Precharge Representation

If you have been questioned, arrested, or given a written citation, or if the police are attempting to contact you regarding a criminal investigation, it is absolutely vital that you hire an experienced and aggressive lawyer to help you avoid being charged with a crime that will have a lasting impact on your life.

At Oliverson & Huss Law we have experience from every perspective in the criminal justice system that can help you avoid being charged.  Derek Oliverson is a former police officer, prosecutor and judge.  Jeremy Huss is a former 13-year felony prosecutor.  Our attorneys and their experience are exactly what you need during this investigation stage.  We work tirelessly to protect your constitutional rights to ensure your due process rights are protected at every stage of the investigation.  Here are some of the steps we take to protect your rights:

  • We personally contact the officers to let them know you are represented by counsel, thus requiring them to direct all future communication about your investigation through us, and not having direct contact with you;
  • Provide information to the prosecutor and/or police that allows you to cooperate in the investigation, while at the same time avoid prosecution;
  • We speak with potential witnesses to gather exculpatory evidence to prepare to answer any potential future charges;
  • Inform the prosecutor that you would like to present evidence to the Grand Jury should the State choose to seek an indictment.


If you believe that you are being investigated and may be charged in the near future, it is vital you contact our team for a free consultation.

Have you been arrested? Do you need help avoiding jail time?