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Jeremy Huss

Jeremy L. Huss was a criminal prosecutor for nearly 13 years, where he tried many different types of cases ranging from multiple homicides and other serious felonies to misdemeanor DUI’s and domestic violence offenses. During his career as a prosecutor, Jeremy was nominated for misdemeanor prosecutor of the year in 2004 and then nominated for felony prosecutor of the year in 2013. Throughout the years, Jeremy worked very closely with law enforcement, responding to multiple homicide scenes and advising on criminal procedure issues.

Jeremy has extensive experience dealing with all different types of scientific evidence, including DNA, fingerprint and ballistics. After his career as a prosecutor, Jeremy did a short stint practicing in the area of medical malpractice defense at a firm in downtown Phoenix where he gained further experience dealing with expert witness and medical evidence. However, he missed criminal litigation, and could not wait to get back into the courtroom. Jeremy is a seasoned trial lawyer who’s experience in both criminal and civil litigation has made him very well-rounded.